A critical part of generator maintenance is ensuring there is enough fuel to outlast unexpected power outages. Generac now offers the Generac LTE Propane Level Monitor*, which remotely communicates propane fuel level directly to the Mobile Link app, through a reliable cellular connection. The Mobile Link app can help to prevent run-outs, plan for fuel deliveries, and monitor propane consumption to ensure generator uptime readiness. With Mobile Link, customers can feel secure with remote access to LP fuel levels, quick access to their fuel supplier, and tracking of other important propane tank details. Help your customers feel secure knowing that their propane generator has the fuel it needs to respond at a moment’s notice, and deliver the ultimate peace of mind.

There is a $29.99 annual fee for a Fleet subscription after the first year.  There is a $49.99 suggested annual fee to consumers for a Mobile Link subscription.

*This system is compatible with air-cooled and liquid-cooled models that utilize LP as a fuel source.  The Mobile Link application is available for iOS and Android and can be found in the iTunes store or Google Play store.